Harmony Recording Project


As a class, we watched a film about harmony and the basics that go with the topic. Thus, given a project to create our own harmony after sharing our favorite harmony.

One of My Favorite Harmonies:

(SoundCloud wouldn’t load)

The song uses many chords or, “triads” considering the chords are three notes. The chords could be seen as a drone as its layered with a melody in a similar to the same key. Yet, Wonder does have somewhat of a fill that could be considered a drone, the way he goes a scale with the melody.

My Harmony:

My harmony uses the common sharps in the musical piece to create tension that I personally like to hear. The chord progression is more prevalent at the end but still happening in the beginning. Just to be like a supervisor to the rest of the notes.

Harmony Composition Terms:

Harmony: Two or more notes joining together to make a pleasant sound.

Drone: an ongoing note that plays layered with a melody in the same key.

Harmonics: an overtone joining a fundamental tone at a certain interval, produced by the string, or any instrument.


Major Triad: A set of three notes that are set in triads, all major notes.

Minor Triad: a root, a minor third, and a perfect fifth.

Accented Notes: an emphasis on a certain note or set of notes.

What I learned:

I learned the difference between a melody and a harmony and the terms that go with each. Pretty much the same things as the melody and rhythm projects, but the computer and website skills as well.

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